Reynolds Construction Company Case Study Solution

control building would have to be finished earlier than originally planned if the main system was to be completed on time.Mr. James Alison, field construction supervisor for Reynolds had arranged a meetingwith Mr. Henry Phillips, project engineer, to restudy the arrow diagram of their critical path schedule for the construction of the remote control building in an effort to determine the shortest possible time in which the job could be done without spending more money than necessary.Reynolds uses PERT as a tool to assist in project planning and control. A list of the activities and predecessors for the remote control site are shown in Exhibit 1.  The cost table, Exhibit 2, lists the activities, their normal costs and their expected durations (te), optimistic (min required) durations (to) and pessimistic durations (tp).  The sequence of consecutive activities requiring the longest time to complete before the end of the project is known as the "critical path" for that project. The path is considered "critical" because any delay in that particular sequence will delay the completion of the entire project.Exhibit 1Job LabelJob DescriptionImmediatelyPreceding JobsAProcure materialsStartBPrepare siteStartCPrepare request for Oakmont Engineering Department approvalStartDPrefabricate building and deliver to siteAEObtain Oakmont Engineering Department approvalCFInstall connecting lines to main systemAGErect building and equipment on siteB, D, EExhibit 2Cost and Time Table for Remote Control Building ProjectActivityActivity Cost (for expected timeduration)Max Possible Time(weeks)Expected Time(weeks)Min PossibleTime(weeks)crashcost/weekA$5,000432$5,000B$14,000864$6,000C$2,500321$2,500D$10,000753$4,000E$8,000322---F$11,500875$3,000G$10,000642$7,000


The C.R. Reynolds group is a Hull based construction, plant hire and development company established in 1980. C.R. Reynolds have a broad portfolio of specialist works including award-winning projects in key areas of societal and environmental infrastructure.

C.R. Reynolds work under all forms of contract – traditional, design and build, and full turnkey, with values from £10,000 to £5,000,000 and upward.


Intrasource’s strategy and hosted services team worked with C.R. Reynolds to implement a solution to a specific problem. C.R. Reynolds required backups of laptops that stayed out of the business for extended periods of time. Due to the contract nature of C.R. Reynolds work, site managers may not visit the head office for several weeks.

Intrasource suggested our online backup platform to protect the laptops while they are out onsite. Online backups run every time the laptop has an internet connection, backing up crucial customer data to our primary datacentre in Leeds and then replicating that same data to Hessle.

Intrasource also implemented online backups on C. R. Reynolds main server at their head offices to ensure that they are completely protected.

Why we chose Intrasource

"We first approached Intrasource over 7 years ago looking for a server solution for our network. C.R. Reynolds had grown and our IT was beginning to need a company with a broad spread of technical expertise and somebody that we could trust to make the right IT decisions for our business."


Neil says the main benefits of using Intrasource’s online backup platform are:-

  • Peace of mind when laptops are away from Head Office
  • All data is held securely in the UK
  • Local access to backup data if required
  • The backup and restore process is managed by Intrasource

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