Hca 415 Week 2 Assignment Part

Module 7: Case Study 1Environmental Injustice in Homer, Louisiana1.Explain why various parties might have selected Homer as a place to build a uranium-enrichment facility. In your response, reviewthis from the angle of all stakeholders: city and local officials, residents, school system personnel, public services.The main objective of setting the uranium-enrichment facility in Homer is to improve the life style and economy of people of Homer according to Henry Payne (1997). By building this plant they believe it will create more job opportunities in this area. Payne also assumes that there will be no serious public health or environmental harm by the facility. Multinational Corporation wanted to build the plant in Homer because the land rates in the area are very low as compared to other areas. It is also easy for thecompany to find the cheap labor in Homer as majority of the people in the area are poor. The residents may decide to support the plan for building the uranium-enrichment facility in Homer only if they feels that this plant will improve their daily life. They may oppose it if they were concerned with the safety and health implications of such a facility. Local businessmen may view this plan as potential for profit while Louisiana residents would bear the risks associated with the facility. Politicians could welcome this plan for the same reason or choose to oppose it on the grounds of safety and ethics.2.Describe the reason why outsiders, like environmental activists, took an interest in this proposal. What was it about Homer or the plant that posed such interest from many stakeholders?

Providing Culturally Appropriate Services in a Changing CommunityModule 4: Case Study 11.Explain the meaning of cultural competence, its benefits and limits.Cultural competence insinuates that an agency or individual has the knowledge, skills and proper training to work successfully among their peers and others with different cultural backgrounds. This giveseveryone in the organization a better understanding on how to serve the population and provide equal care. The limit of cultural competence is that what we learn is only based off of the knowledge and skills of those employed by the agency. Employing bilingual employees can help but they also need to be awareof the possibility of others cultural beliefs. This means that facilities must recruit and retain the staff that would help reflect the cultural diversity of the community that it is serving. 2.Describe how the demand-for-services should or should not shape Our Covenant Health Center’s approach to its community and original mission. (In addressing this, you must indicate whether you would or would not change the mission, and explain why or why not.) The demand for services will definitely change or shape the Health Center’s attitude to its community and mission. Communities tend to grow and change throughout time and organizations can’t survive if they don’t change as well. The original mission statement said that its mission was to provide community based primary care for its residents, and the neighborhood. If a large majority of the residents

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